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The Field

Friday, August 14, 2015

The drama of small work spaces

I had my first actual full day of work back in the Deli today.  I stressed a lot over going back the past few days, I mean more then I should have, but it actually turned out to be just the same old thing with very minor changes.  One of the things that was still very relevant and still very active was the drama that is created by small groups of people confined in a small work environment.  There is really no reason to have so much drama between so few people that should all be getting along to complete all the work necessary to help everyone get home with very little stress.  But it happens.  Everyday.  And it sucks.  It's mostly due to the fact that some people just don't want to work or people want to lay out the ground rules for what they should be doing and what others should be doing.  If we all did our fair share of work, we could all go home feeling more content but sadly, most days, everyone feels like they are doing far more work then their coworkers.

The big issue that occurred tonight for me that didn't involve the Deli was when my management team was telling me that I needed to check on the stock of milk and eggs for the night.  This is a problem since I was fully enveloped in the work of the Deli and would not be able to find time to go over and stock eggs and milk.  By the time I did get over there to check on it all, the stock of eggs and milk was so bad off that it would have taken me at least another hour and a half to finish it.  I only had thirty minutes left in my night and still hadn't taken a break.  So what did I do?  I half assed stocked milk and said screw eggs because I wasn't going to have time to deal with that mess.  

This happened because management doesn't understand what the consequences are to taking a person out of their normal department without covering their shift with someone else until it is the day of the event.  They slowly realized that eggs and milk were going to be an issue and with no one else to turn to, they asked me about it.  Not much I can do though sadly and so I continue to not stress about it.

Another thing that made my day much better was the fact the all the customers I had today were pretty friendly and polite.  No one got angry with me and the rudest people I had were ones that would just take what I gave them and walk off without another word.  I don't mind that at all and will take that over some angry prick being pissed  off because we don't have any chickens left for them to buy.  Here's the best conversation I had tonight after taking a customers slicer order.

Customer:  Are you training to be in management by chance?

Me:  I'm not training for it but have been trying for it.  Why do you ask?

Customer:  Well it's just because your presentation is very good and normally people who do this type of thing are training in different areas to get into management.

Me:  Well thank you and I have been trying to get into lower management but haven't had any luck.

Customer:  Well your work is excellent so just keep up the good work.

I don't even get that kind of compliment from my bosses.  They know I'm a good worker but I don't think they realize how much of a benefit I'd be as a department manager.  It's mostly because they would have to replace me and they probably wouldn't be able to find someone as good as me.  Not to sound full of myself but I'm definitely one of their most efficient workers.

In other news, I wasn't able to work on my book today because I forgot to charge my laptop before going to work.  It made my lunch very lackluster as I just ate and fiddled around for awhile until finally going back.  I hate not having something to do at lunch as I feel even more unproductive then I normally do.  If I bring something else with me to work though, like my 3DS or a book, I find myself doing that instead of actually writing.  I'm basically forcing myself to write for the time I'm given which is great because I start out not feeling into it and then ending with a great feeling of joy as I've pumped out a couple pages and wrote some great stuff.

This book I'm writing.  It's something I've wanted to do for the past ten years since coming up with the concept for the story.  It's gone through at least five iterations until I've finally rested on what it is now.  I don't have much time left to write out a summery of it for this post but maybe tomorrow night I'll work on that.  I'd like to see what people think of it but haven't really written a synopsis for it yet.  Definitely something to work on.

My night is cut short now because I have to go to bed earlier then normal due to an earlier shift tomorrow.  Once again, thank you everyone for reading my blog and I look forward to seeing you again in the future.  If you have any similar work or life experiences, please feel free to post a comment as I'd love to hear about it.

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