The Field

The Field

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I didn't forget!

Anyone who has followed the first couple blog posts may have wondered where this one was.  I didn't forget it and realized I had not written it last night after work right when I had gotten into bed.  I decided it could wait for the morning since I was just so tired last night from work.  This might be shorter then normal due to my morning time constraints but at least there will be something.

Work was tiring.  I forgot how terribly hectic and crowded it can get working in the Deli when there are only two people working during a lunch or dinner rush.  You literally have no time to think at all and unlike other fast food places, you don't have anyone else to help you with things.  So I ended up having to run back and forth from serving food, making food and slicing meat/cheese while the other person filled in wherever I wasn't at.  Surprisingly by the end of the night it had died off significantly which was really strange for a Friday night.  That was also partly a bad thing because with not as much to do my body was starting to catch up with itself and I became tired pretty quickly. 

Add to that my sleep last night was interrupted this morning by our neighbor mowing their lawn at eight a.m. for a good two hours and I was more tired then I needed to be.  I don't think some people realize that not everyone around them has the same schedule as them.  We don't all get up at five or six a.m. and start our day bright and early.  I know that everyone has to schedule their day out to fit the time they'll have to actually do this kind of stuff but could we please schedule that kind of yard work closer to noon instead of so early in the morning?  I work second shift most days so I tend to stay up later and get up around ten a.m.

Good news about work is that I may get to go back to Frozen and Dairy soon but I'm not entirely sure yet and I'm hoping to see when I go into work today.  They decided to let the woman on maternity leave come back early, for obvious reasons, and I only heard about that right before I left last night.  With her back today, I shouldn't have to fill in the rest of the time they scheduled me for.  When you have a person quit, a person go on maternity leave, another one getting ready to move and transfer, I would imagine you would not let the other two people go on their vacation and postpone it for at least a week or so until you could get something figured out.  But I suppose that's people getting what they want with no consequences.  

I did get a chance to write my book some yesterday and it's starting to drive me nuts at this point. I'm so close to being able to write the final chapters and I feel like everything I'm writing right now is just filler up to that point.  It's good in a way because that means I'm staying excited about the whole thing and still trying to make everything I write interesting in some way.  Summary is coming still!  I will maybe try to write some of it tonight but I'm not sure because of reasons in the next paragraph.

Our power company is going to be messing with the power tonight at about midnight which is bad for me in several ways.  For one I get off work at ten tonight which is normally fine but then I have to go into work at eleven tomorrow which means I have to go to bed early.  The power outage we may get could last up to three hours.  This isn't good for my sleep schedule because I'm the type of person who needs a type of static sound while I sleep which for me is a fan.  Without that fan it will be much harder for me to get to sleep.  But there's nothing I can do about that so I may be worse for ware tomorrow then I'd like. 

That's all I have for today, nothing much else happened honestly so no use in trying to string this along.  Thank you as always for reading and I hope to see you in the future!  If you haven't yet and would like to, please feel free to leave a comment about anything you see here or would like to say.  Anything is appreciated!

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