The Field

The Field

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Days off and preparing for the work week

My first official post of the blog!  I don't include the other post because it was more of a description then anything else.  It's also my day off so I feel the need to catch up on the past two days events.

I always enjoy my days off from work, even though I don't have much to do besides house work and winding down from a stressful week of dealing with customers and doing more than I'm required to keep the place running.  Today, though, I did a few things.  My main goal for today was to inspect under our house for any issues that may be causing us discomfort.  The main thing being that our heat pump hasn't been working properly so I wanted to see if there were any ducts that were broken or damaged.  Sure enough, when I opened the crawlspace door I felt a rush of cool air coming out.

Now I'm a pretty big guy and our crawlspace is just big enough for me to get into and crawl around in.  Not comfortably mind you, but just enough to hopefully see what the issue might be.  Luckily I didn't have to go to far as the issue was right at the cross vent of the house.  A panel had fallen off and was pushing all the cool air under the house.  It looked as if it had been an issue before because of the duct tape stuck to the sides and the metal bars that lay on the ground that were clearly used to hold this thing in place.  With no kind of tools or anything to really fix this properly, I ended up instead finding some bricks and cinder blocks that had been laying around our property and used them as a prop to keep the panel over the hole.  This actually worked out much better then I hoped and the house seems to have cooled off much faster then normal.  Not all of the vents seem to be pushing air out as hard but now the majority of them are working and that makes me happy.

Other then that I did my normal mowing of the lawn, folding of left over clothes, and walking the dogs.  The rest of the day was pretty uneventful in terms of other activity.  I played some World of Warcraft and came up with a plan for this blog.

Yesterday I did the bulk of the other house work that included changing my bed sheets, washing all the clothes up and getting them all mostly folded, vacuuming and bathing the dogs.  They had a fun weekend of swimming in the river and were in desperate need of a bath afterwards.

Currently I have five pets in my house, three cats and two dogs.  Two of the cats are my girlfriends but have become mine along the way with the third one being mine.  One of them was a feral cat that has become accustomed to domesticated life, the other two were adopted from a shelter.  Their names are Misty, Love and Locke, respectively and are short hair cats.  The dogs are both puppies still, one being a little over a year old and the other almost one year.  The first, named Dezco, is a black lab mix that we took in from one of my coworkers who had found it on the side of the road.  He ended up having Parvo and after a long hard struggle he managed to pull through and is as healthy as can be.  The other one, named Luka, is a border collie mix that we got from the local shelter.

The rest of my days off I spent relaxing and playing some World of Warcraft with my girlfriend.  If we had more money right now it would be nice to get out more but for now it's all we have.  Maybe a date night at home again will help with some things?  She'll agree to that for sure.  Work has been terribly draining of late and I've been feeling more down then usual.  You might ask why my girlfriend isn't doing some of the house work and that's because she has a medical condition that is currently preventing her from straining herself to much.  I won't go into that here though, just know that it's something she is struggling with right now and I'm just trying to do my best to help out as much as I can.

Now that my days off are coming to an end, I'm spending the rest of my night worrying about work tomorrow.  I have a very bad love/hate relationship with my job.  I don't mind the work, it's very simple for me and as long as I can stay on task my day goes by smoothly.  Having to deal with customers and co-workers is what usually ruins my work week though.  Right now I've been working in the Frozen/Dairy department and have been very happy with it but earlier this week I was told that I'll need to provide some coverage for the Deli.  I used to work in the Deli up until last November when they asked me to help out in my current department and then liked how well I worked so much that they kept me there.  But now that the Deli has come under a string of people quitting/medical leave/whatever else, my presence is required again.  I don't mind doing it but having to get into the mindset of dealing with customers that close and personal again is going to wreck my mind.  I only hope that my manager can get some new people hired to replace their losses so I can get back to Frozen/Dairy quickly.

I think that's pretty good for today though.  Tomorrow I'll try to put in some information about my book and some ideas I've had for projects.  Thanks again for reading everyone and I hope to see you all again next time.

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