The Field

The Field

Sunday, August 16, 2015

So very tired

This post is much later then I wanted it to be due to an unfortunate series of events.  I didn't have as much time last night then I thought I would before the power just cut off on us for a good two and a half hours.  I then tried to go to bed when it cut off but I had a horrible time staying asleep.  When the power did come back on I got up and turned off all the stuff that came on from earlier and then immediately passed out.  Just when I thought I might have gotten a bit of good sleep, my neighbors annoying car alarm went off and woke me up which caused me to stay awake for the last couple hours of sleep because I couldn't get comfortable again.  It was a terrible morning for sure.

Going to work, I knew it was going to be a bad day because I was pretty drowsy still and I was not disappointed.  Not an hour or so after being there, we got slammed pretty hard and I had to deal with one hell of a lunch rush.  That rush lasted for most of the day and well into dinner rush.  By the end of the night I was exhausted and just wanted to go home.  I was supposed to do a half day in the Deli and then go to Frozen/Dairy but instead they made me stay in the Deli to cover everyone's lunches.  By the end of it I would only have an hour left to spend in Frozen/Dairy so there was no point in going over there. I'm pretty sure management never thinks of it that way though.

The conclusion to my book is finally in the writing stages.  I finally got my characters to their goal and they are now confronting the enemy they were after.  I hope by the end of the week I will have it fully complete and I can begin the editing process.  I've never gotten to this point in writing and I'm sure I'll have to look up some information about how to edit and that whole process.  So maybe a little summary on my book for more context about it.

It's about a young woman named Selphie who has grown up in a world of magic and technology called The Vault.  It's a place where people are trained in the ways of combat, magic, technology, and other powerful subjects in order to preserve the knowledge of the realms.  Selphie has trained in the ways of a Harvester, whose main goal is to retrieve lost knowledge that was stolen from their world. Everyone who trains here is found to have a special talent of their own that they learn to embrace and use in the most effective way.  Selphie's specialty is based around imbuing weapons and armor with magic and then using it against her enemies.

Selphie has three friends:  Jesse, a dark elf who is classified as a Seeker, Leah, a half giant who is classified as a Guardian and Xathe, a human female who is also a Harvester like Selphie.  Jesse is very intelligent, quiet and reserved.  She relies on hard facts and information to get to her conclusions.  Her specialty is both magic and technology related.  Leah is very powerful and strong due to her size and race but she is also very shy and self conscious for the same reasons.  Her specialty is being very physical and using technology to enhance her defenses.  Xathe is very outgoing and sociable but is to headstrong and often gets into bad situations without thinking it out first.  Her specialty is tracking and ranged attacking, focusing on weapons and tech to find what she is looking for.

The group graduates from their training and is sent on a mission to take out a very powerful necromancer who has stolen the knowledge of immortality from the archives of the Vault.  As they travel through the world, Selphie begins to find out more then she ever thought she would about her own life and that where she has been living may not be her true home after all.

That's the story for the most part with that only being the first book.  The second book will be about Selphie finding out who she is and where she actually came from and the third book will be about all the secrets of their lives being revealed.  I'll be very happy to actually get the first book written and published let alone getting to a finished trilogy.  I would be even happier to know that people will read it and find some sort of passion in it like I do.  I don't expect a great amount of recognition and popularity from my books but I hope to at least reach a few people with them.

My days are blurring together pretty bad right now so I won't make another post until tomorrow night just to try and keep things on track from this point on.  My work schedule should be getting back to a normal situation again soon now that this week is almost over with.  I'll be glad for some balance again in life.

That's all for now and thanks again for reading.  I hope to see you all again soon.

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