The Field

The Field

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Five Days

I have finally passed the five day mark.  After today, I will have much less contact with the Deli then when I started covering for them.  The next few weeks I only have a couple days here and there and then I'll be able to head back to my normal place.  It sounds terrible when I say things like this and to those who may read this that I work with in the Deli, I mean nothing against you.  The work there is far to difficult in ways that I don't like dealing with.  It mainly deals with the fact that Wal-mart doesn't know how to hire a proper crew of people to run a place.  Instead they would rather work their hardest workers to the bone and stretch them to their limits while running with the most minimalist group they can find.  Even after getting the new people hired it won't be enough because they won't give them the hours that they need to run the place properly.

I'm to tired for this.

I'll miss seeing the regular customers again and actually being able to talk to people more.  It's nice to have sociable, human contact once and awhile.  Right now, I'm drained.  My mind is completely drained from all the social interaction.  It's time to step back again and relax.  I've found myself taking deep breathes more then usual these past five days and even that wasn't helping.  Just a few more weeks.

Sleeping in will be nice on my day off.  I might sleep much longer then I usually do but mainly because my body is aching to much from all the strain I've been putting on it.  My left arm is sore as hell from the elbow down to the point that I could feel my hand twitching and not working right today.  My right shoulder is causing some mild discomfort now too which hopefully will recover by Wednesday.  My knee has also been sore after sitting down and I've had to stretch it out much longer then I normally would have to.

The final fight has now started in my book.  It's going to be a crazy fight and at least one person is probably going to die.  Not a main character though, not yet at least.  I feel like at least one of them is going to die at some point but finding that point may take awhile.  For now, they are safe to continue being bad asses.  I will definitely be fleshing them out more once I get into the editing part.  I feel like I haven't actually showed their personalities properly.  It's hard to write conversations, thoughts and feelings of people when there are four of them constantly in the same scenes.  I've tried splitting them up but it doesn't stay like that for long.  Maybe I'll have to create better scenarios for them to be separated in.  Work in progress for sure.

My day off will be pretty uneventful.  I don't have much house work to do so I'll probably just relax most of the day.  I feel like I had more things to discuss on here today but at this point I've stopped caring.  Everything that has happened the past five days that involved work is over with now and I just don't want to think about it.

Thanks for reading again and I hope to see you all soon.  I leave you with a picture of my dogs who look like I feel right now.