The Field

The Field

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Reverse Sleep

Trying to redo your sleep schedule is frustrating.  I worked one to ten on Thursday, then was off Friday and then had to go into work today at eight a.m.  I never do well when it comes to getting to bed early so I can try and get some sleep.  I usually end up getting like five hours of sleep.  Now though, I feel tired as all hell and I should be able to get on the right schedule for tomorrow.  Then tomorrow, after work, I'll have to stay up later so I can redo my sleep schedule again for a one to ten work schedule.  This is one of the many perils of working in retail.  If you work in an area that requires two different shift types, expect to have to do this a lot.  Not only that, expect to work a closing shift like one to ten and then have to come in the next morning and work seven to four.  It's the worst thing to ever happen to anyone ever.

Work was pretty uneventful today.  Much easier working during the day then the evening.  There is a lot less stress to get things done during the day and not as much to worry about either.  After another week or so I'll have to worry about even less.  Honestly I'd rather just not be working in retail anymore and move on to something better.  Sadly there isn't much to get into around here so I'm stuck here for now.  Unless this thing with Google works out.

I also worked on the book some more today.  This was the first day that I wrote an edit into the story saying "Fuck this plot, let's do this instead" and wrote something different.  I like this version much better and I managed to get a ton of pages written because of it.  Almost there!

Nothing else to say here today.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have more.  For now there is only sleep.  Thanks again for reading this short post and I hope to see you again in the future.

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