The Field

The Field

Friday, August 21, 2015

It's been a few days

At first I thought I might have forgotten to write some posts but it wasn't so much forgetting as it was finding the time.  Then as the days kept going by I realized that I really didn't have much time to actually sit and type something.  But now that my days are starting to even out more and I'm not completely stressed out from work, I can finally work on this again.  So here we go.

On my day off Tuesday I didn't do much of anything.  I actually felt terrible for not doing much more work around the house but I was just exhausted from work still and wanted a day to relax.

Wednesday I went back into the Deli and surprisingly it was much smoother then the past week of working over there.  It could have been the people I worked with or that we had at least five people there instead of four.  It runs a lot better when people are working and there is an actual crew there to keep things running.  My night ended by having to work in Frozen and Dairy, facing Frozen out and stocking milk.  I definitely don't get paid enough for this job.

That reminds me that I need to get working on the Google application again.  I really think I'd work out great there but actually getting into the interview process has been impossible so far.  I'm hoping to get some help with applying there soon and then we'll see where that goes.  I need more money and would like to actually do things with out house and have expendable income instead of living pay check to pay check.  I've been doing that since I started working and it sucks.

Tonight was back the the same old, working in Frozen and Dairy and being thankful I didn't have to wait on customers all night.  It gets very stressful having to help customers and put on the happy face for everyone all the time.  Not that I'm not happy but having to pretend for some of these people is impossible.  Work was much easier tonight since when I'm working in Frozen and Dairy I'm left alone all night and can pretty much do what I need to do so I can leave on time.

Still cracking away at the final moments of my book.  The fight at the end is taking much longer then I thought it would and I'm finding myself trying to figure out something good that will work out for it.  I had plenty of ideas today for how to move it along but just couldn't sit with one.  It's probably something I'll just have to rewrite and focus on later during editing.  Right now I'll just be glad to have the first draft done.  One of the good things about this chapter though is that I have found a new background for one of my characters.  It's the main characters love interest.  I didn't really make a profile for him at all even though he was part of the main focus of the story for her in this book and now while writing the final chapters of the book I've figured out an interesting story for him.  I still haven't written it down but I'll probably get to that after I finish the draft.

Other then all that, not much else going on.  Everything is boring and hopeless at the moment!  Not really that bad but it's not terribly exciting either.  So thanks again everyone for reading and until next time, I hope to see you again soon.

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