The Field

The Field

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Fresh Start

As the title infers, I'm giving my blog a fresh start.  I deleted all my previous content and I'm now starting from scratch.  Why did I do this?  I just want to push out the old and start with some new ideas.  I feel like I have a great medium here that I can express myself on by writing down my thoughts and ideas that will hopefully provide some motivation to continue working on everything I want to accomplish. Here's how things will work.

I'm going to start by creating one post a day, at the end of each day, so I can record my thoughts and everything that happened during the day.  This way I don't lose anything I've thought of during the day and I can hopefully provide some much needed motivation to get myself writing more and working on projects that I want to focus on.  By talking about my thoughts and getting everything out in the open, I hope to achieve that goal.  Just writing this post is a huge step for me.

Things I'll be talking about will include but aren't limited to:

  •  My work day and/or days off and anything interesting that happened.  I currently work in retail at Wal-mart so expect some retail stories that mostly involve the work I do and customers I interact with.
  • My book that I'm writing.  It's a trilogy called Sin Harvest and as of this post I'm close to finishing my first draft.
  • Game ideas and projects I may try to start.  Been having a hard time with this one mainly because coming up with ideas is easy for me but actually implementing them is something entirely different.
  • My anxiety and how I deal with it on a daily basis.  I was going to write up an explanation on this for people to read but because of the way my mind thinks and works, I have been unable to cope with actually making it.  Instead, I'm going to talk about it when I feel it's necessary and in small chunks so I can slowly bring it out to people.
Today is the first day of making a commitment to myself.  To try and find the discipline and determination to create something that I've always wanted to make.  Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you in all my future posts.

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