The Field

The Field

Monday, October 5, 2015

Promoting the rain

When I come back to my blog now I feel like I'm forgetting it completely.  I thought about it tonight though and I realize that most days I'm just so tired that I completely forget about it.  Here are a few new things that have been happening recently.

The weather has been ridiculous.  It's been raining for what seems like forever along with the wind blowing a lot harder then normal.  This is all due to a storm that was coming to the coast and pushing all that nasty stuff our way.  Looking at the forecast now, it looks like everything will be going back to normal here now with not as much rain and just an overcast for a few more days this week.  

Because of all this weather we have had a ton of mushrooms growing in our yard and not just small ones littered around.  There have been some pretty huge ones massing at the front of the lawn near the street.  Thankfully our dogs, along with other neighborhood animals, have been ignoring them.  I'd hate to see one of them get poisoned from trying to eat one.

In work related news it looks like they would like to promote me to a department manager which I have been reluctant about for a while now.  For one, I'm not sure how great I'd be in a manager position to begin with.  I'm way to nice and don't deal with confrontation to well.  On the other hand I'm very organized and committed to my work so I'd be able to straighten out any department pretty quickly.  It would definitely be nice to have the extra money but my options aren't the greatest right now.  They have an opening for the Hardware department, which I know nothing about, and also the Deli will be coming open, which I know more then I'd like to about.  Do I really want to deal with the stress of the Deli or should I just wait and see what else comes up?  

Regardless of what I'd like to do I won't be able to do much until I retake the manager test.  I've been locked out of it for several months after I failed it the last time.  It's probably the worse thing I could have done as many opportunities have passed me by because of it.  So by the end of the month I should be able to retake it and then be able to look into something in management.  I don't know if these departments will stay open this long, and knowing my luck they wont, but honestly that's ok.  I'm not sure I'd be cut out for either of them anyway mainly because like I said before, I know nothing about Hardware and the Deli is so stressful right now.  Lots of call ins and having to deal with people not getting along with each other that is just a massive pile of drama that I'm not sure I'm fully capable of dealing with.  I hated it while I was over there but trying to manage it?  That's a crazy ball of nonsense.

In regards to my book I've still be on a break from it.  The first part of editing is going to require me to basically rewrite the entire thing which will take almost twice as long as it did to write it in the first place.  It's becoming a very daunting task and I feel like my mind is pushing me out of it again.  I've come so far at this point that I would hate to give up so I'm going to keep going.  I worked on it almost non stop for several months and I really just need some more time before I delve back into it again.

I think that's all I have for now so as usual, thanks everyone for reading and I hope to see you all again in the future.

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