The Field

The Field

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Time to buy a chicken

It's been a week hasn't it?  I've been preoccupying myself with other things besides writing on here but I decided today was a good day to put a little something down.  Here's the low down for the week.

Eggs are expensive.  I don't know if they are where you live but here they have been consistently costly.  A dozen costing almost three dollars and an eighteen pack costing almost four dollars.  The prices have been fluctuating but it's enough to both people and frustrate them that they have to pay so much to buy eggs.  While stocking eggs, almost every person who walks up will say "I'm going to have to get a chicken if prices don't go down."  In reality I don't know how much it would cost to keep a chicken but I'm sure you would need more then one and a rooster to go with it not to mention a place to hold them and keep them safe, warm and fed.  It sounds expensive to me, much more then just buying eggs at a store.  That is of course if you have the room for it and the money then by all means go for it.

To me it's just one of those things people take for granted.  It's a convenience that we are afforded every day to be able to go to the store and just pick whatever we want to eat depending on our finances.  What would happen if chickens went extinct?  What kind of eggs would we eat then?  What about cows?  Turkeys?  It's an interesting thing to think about as most people have never had to live in a time where things like this weren't readily available and mass produced.  I actually hope it never gets to that point though.

Later today I'll be heading to the fair.  I haven't been to a fair in a very long time to the point that I can't remember the last time I've been to one.  It's going to be an awesome experience and I can't wait.  The only thing I wish I had was more money so I could spend more on games and to be able to take in all that I can during the fair.  If anything I'll just get on as many rides as I can to make it worth it.  I'm usually pretty good at games anyway so I'll just have to pick the right ones and win as much as I can.

So hows my book going?  I had another moment of creativity when writing out character backgrounds and came up with a group of characters that I didn't even think to write out.  The characters were part of the school at the beginning and are sort of rivals to the main character and her group.  When I started coming up with their names and backgrounds it just hit me out of no where.  This in turn led me to write a bunch of other stuff for the history of elves in my world which then led me to start writing about some more of the main characters in the world.  This all started from me writing out a new outline for my book to encompass what I had actually written in the first draft.  I didn't even get out of the first couple of chapters and I branched out to writing background information for other characters.  It was insane!  I still haven't even gotten around to editing the first draft but at least this way I'll have a better idea of the characters in my world.

That's a good enough update for me.  Nothing else interesting to report right now but as always thank you everyone for reading this, whoever you are, and I hope to see you in the future.

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Anonymous said...

We have five chickens. Don't get a rooster too, just chickens