The Field

The Field

Friday, September 4, 2015

The hard part is over

Third day into my seven days of work and the hard part is at least over with.  I made it through my closing shift and then my opening shift and after only a few hours of being at home I promptly went to sleep.  My body was just done with it.  If you have ever worked retail, then you may have had to work this type of shift before.  You have to close your area which usually entails staying until ten, eleven, or twelve at night and then you have to come in early the next day, usually at six, seven or eight in the morning.  It gives you very little time to sleep and you might think, oh I can just get to sleep when I get home.  If you can do that, then you are some kind of inhuman robot.  Most people can't just fall asleep right after work and have to wind down for at least a couple hours before they are tired enough.  I ended up getting maybe five hours of sleep and it sucked.  Thankfully it's over now for at least another two weeks.

In other, much better news, I finished off the last few lines of my book.  I now have a first draft of some written fiction.  For now, I'm taking a slight break from it and just working on character background information, trying to make my characters more likable and making it easier for people to relate to them.  It's a great first step to finishing this story but I feel like it's going to take a much longer time editing the draft and making it more readable.  Right now it's a pretty terrible mess of different perspectives and very little description of any kind of environment or places in the world.  It's really just a series of conversations between the characters which I guess is a good thing but it doesn't help me try to figure out how to actually write good descriptions.  I'm terrible at describing things very well and don't know how to use words that will convey what you should be looking at in the story.  It's just something I'll have to learn I suppose.

A weird thing also happened the other day.  I have a Youtube channel I created to try and do Let's Play videos on and I haven't really done anything with it for over a year now.  I was going to try and start updating it at the beginning of this year but I never got around to it for a couple of reasons.  A few days ago though I ended up getting a view on my Facebook page for it.  It was really weird and made me think about starting it up again.  When I started it before, I had great ideas and wanted to just push content out everyday, which for most people would be much easier then what I had anticipated.  My time is very limited when I'm at home though so I don't have the kind of time to record that much.  My microphone is also absolute garbage.  In many of my videos, you can hear my breathing and it's very grating to hear when your trying to watch someone play a game.  If I could get a better microphone that isn't a headset, I may try and make videos again but for now I'm stuck with the channel as is.

Not much else going on at the moment so I'll leave it at that.  Thanks again for reading, whoever you few people are and if you are actual people.  Sometimes I wonder if it's just robots that scour the internet that are viewing my blog.  If not then I hope the people out there are enjoying reading what I have to say.  I hope to see you all again in the future.

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